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iSAP Unleashes the Power of Virtual Computing through CiTRiX

Citrix delivers dynamic virtualization solutions from the datacenter to the desktop, which is frees both IT and users from the traditional computing. With Virtual computing, IT has the power to manage desktops, applications, servers and data. Users are free to work securely and productively anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Our Citrix Solutions includes Virtualization and Networking Products - Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenServer and Citrix NetScaler to create an end-to-end system that virtualizes desktops, applications and servers and centralizes them in the datacenter and broadcasts them to users over any network as an on-demand service.

We make our customers businesses more efficient and more agile using Citrix Virtualization Solution.

iSAP offers Complete solution for Citrix server virtualization; we offer below solutions to our customer's.

» XenServer

» Open, simple, powerful server virtualization

» 10x reduction in hardware, space and cooling

» 50% reduction in server administration

» Increased agility with the flexibility to quickly redeploy server resources

» XenApp

» Deliver Windows applications as a service to users anywhere

» Reduces application management costs by 50%

» Improve security and regulatory compliance

» Much faster provisioning of new users

» Windows applications on any device, anywhere

» XenDesktop

» Deliver desktops as a service to users anywhere

» 40% lower costs for desktop management and support

» Improved security and compliance with government regulations

» Faster provisioning of new users

» NetScaler

» Web apps run up to 5x faster

» 60% fewer web servers

» Protection from 100% of web attacks

» Eliminate downtime

Citrix workflows for application delivery

Contact our Citrix experts to know more about Workflow Studio.

iSAP offers A Complete Citrix Solution

With Citrix Virtualization we can offer dynamic virtualization Solution a complete Citrix Solution.

For more information, please contact our Solution Experts

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