Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

iSAP helps businesses handle all aspects of the user environment, including VDI. We choose right technologies according to your business requirements. We integrate Hardware, Virtualization technologies, Desktop OS and application. We also operate, maintain overall Solution. iSAP has strong skills to cope with technologies. iSAP offers includes infrastructure solution covering all aspects of desktop virtualization.

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment allows company's information technology pros to centrally manage thin client machines, leading to a mutually beneficial experience for both end-users and IT admins.

What are the business requirements of IT; what do CEO, CFO and End users expects from IT? We address all the business requirement of IT

Flexibility (CEO)

» Fast reaction on new business demands

» Rapidly adapt services

» Time-to-production of new services

Efficiency (CFO)

» Reduce complexity and cost.

» Transparency

» Cash flow

» Minimized risk

» Compliance

Quality (Users)

» Improved service levels

» Productivity

» End user satisfaction

Desktop virtualization or virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI is a computing model that adds a layer of virtualization between the server and the desktop PCs. By installing this virtualization in place of a more traditional operating system, network administrators can provide end users with 'access anywhere' capabilities and a familiar desktop experience, while simultaneously heightening data security throughout the organization.

VDI Provides Greater Security, Seamless User Experience Superior data security: Because VDI hosts the desktop image in the data center, organizations keep sensitive data safe in the corporate data center not on the end-user's machine which can be lost, stolen, or even destroyed. VDI effectively reduces the risks inherent in every aspect of the user environment

Users love desktop experience, but, what are the challenges for IT organization? - Migration of Windows from one version to other? Hardware replacement if the hardware is not capable to run on latest version of Windows Operating System. PC failure, troubleshooting take some times by replacing the hardware & security is an issue.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Architecture design

» Better user experience

» Apps need not be multi-user capable

» Simple backup and restore

» Simply moving desktop sessions between servers

» Workstation license of apps more attractive than server license

» More individuality possible

» Meet high variable resource requirements

» Desktops can be set up in minutes

» Client PCs are more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional desktop computers

» IT costs are reduced due to a fewer tech support issues

» Compatibility issues, especially with single-user software, are lessened

» Data security is increased

In collaboration with various OEM Partners, iSAP offers right Infrastructure that are critical to the success of customer's applications and desktop virtualization. We design scalable, highly available and high performance infrastructure design that will help our customer's during the different phases of VDI solution.

» We Develop an architecture that offers a predictable cost, performance, and capacity scaling model

»Accurately estimate storage requirements of the VDI solution without overprovisioning

»Effectively size the compute layer of the design for high performance

Virtual Workplace: End-to-end Solution offering by iSAP

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