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Personal Computer

iSAP offers full range of Personal Computer/Laptop/Workstation of superior choice that is ideal for home and business environment. We deliver world class experience to your business through innovation, cost, performance-optimized for universal use.

iSAP brings PC/Laptop/Workstation choice by partnering with world class principal vendors in computing business. iSAP computing device recommendations to its clients is based on high quality, modular products in multiple form factors are configurable for your organizations precise needs. Our clients enjoy smooth and trouble free operation of all your applications.

Our offerings are more towards manageability, Flexibility and quiet operation. Best-in-class noise emissions help maximize productivity by contributing to a quieter working environment.

Desktop PCs

Our partners offer wide range of highly expandable PCs that run your office applications dependably. PCs supporting long-term projects are designed to exceed normal office usage requirements. Utilizing standard PCs in extended office usage scenarios normally results in increased failure rates and downtimes, resulting in a higher total cost of ownership (TCO).

Each business has unique, specific requirements to its IT infrastructure. Our clients have the freedom of choice in getting systems which perfectly fit in their specific environment with hardware, software, add-on and lifecycle management.

Our partners, PCs give our client the absolute highest PC manageability, performance and expandability. With the 92% efficient power supply, you'll also save on energy costs. Sophisticated product concept ensures reliable 24/7 operations and the lowest failure rates.


Are you looking at reliable mobile computing device, our partner's notebook portfolio offers a range of entry-level and more powerful, individual solution. Extensive configuration options provide ultimate flexibility and convenience, and innovative energy-saving technology reduces the environmental footprint of your notebooks. Moreover, every notebook from our partner delivers highest reliability, driven by a unique combination engineering and quality, supported by years of experience.

Our partners premium notebooks for corporate demands offering ultimate flexibility and convenience. It is your first choice when looking for an attractive and fully-equipped notebook providing maximum convenience in the office, in meetings or on business trips.

With their small form factor and light weight, the notebooks provide maximum portability and ease of use in the office, in meetings or on occasional business trips. Moreover, its attractive looks with nice color elements and high-quality materials offer you classy but modern mobility.

Advanced Theft Protection, optional fingerprint sensor or Full Disk Encryption, granting you ultimate security to protect your most valuable assets your company data.


Our partners workstations is optimized for most compute-intensive, multi-processor applications like computer aided engineering, virtual reality, visualization, electronic design, high performance computing automation, workstation virtualization and geographic information systems. It also, is well prepared for workstation virtualization and High Performance Computing.

Ideal for workstation consolidation due to multiple users per workstation, increased data security and protection against theft or damage.

Thanks to intelligent design and comfortable cold plug access at front, rapid change and upgrades of hard disk drives is ensured.

Our partner's workstations offer class-leading low noise emissions for a pleasant working environment. This is achieved through an optimized thermal management system, which makes use of air tunnels to provide efficient airflow within the system.

Virtual Client Computing (VCC / VDI)

Managing and deploying PCs remain complex and costly propositions for most organizations. Many enterprises now consider PC support a nonstrategic activity with little marginal value. As such, finding a better and more cost-effective approach is needed. End users also want greater levels of flexibility for their computing environments. Having the ability to access their environment (from any device using any network from any location) is viewed as user-friendly, in addition to providing better agility and productivity for the enterprise.

Organizational and user requirements are driving an architectural shift away from PCs toward a composite work space that is always available and accessible, with on-demand delivery for most devices. Gartner defines the composite work space as a users' environment that is dynamically assembled through the integration and delivery of the components needed for access to applications and operating environments.

Making the move to a composite work space will not be simple, smooth or easy. Management tools, processes and skill sets will need reworking. Although the composite work space will help solve many PC management issues, new ones are likely to emerge. Licensing, synchronization, data integrity and problem resolution (among others) are likely to be points of concern, and, as result, will slow adoption for some enterprises. We expect some technologies to take several years to become enterprise-ready. Until then, organizations will struggle with ongoing configuration and management issues, stuck between old and new ways of managing their environments.

iSAP Infrastructure solution covering all aspects of desktop virtualization, our experience from projects offer, we use what we sell, reduced complexity, time and risk and Complete value proposition

Our offerings are wide range from Best-in class virtualization middleware, Servers, storage, NW components, Access devices (Thin Client) to One-stop shop (HW, SW, services).

iSAP partners with product vendors as well as virtualization partners from CITRIX, Microsoft and vmWare that deliver Flexibility, Efficiency and quality in IT workplace

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