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iSAP As a VMware Solution Provider resell VMware technology combined with expertise and services to design, plan and deploy industry leading virtualization and cloud computing solutions.

As a Solution Provider Partner, iSAP helps customers' needs through the unique value VMware virtualization products and solutions offer - from the desktop to the datacenter to the cloud.

VMware is the most widely deployed software suite for optimizing and managing industry Standard IT environments through virtualization - from the desktop to the data center & Cloud.

The only production-ready virtualization software suite, VMware is proven to deliver results at all customers of all sizes, used in a wide variety of environments and applications. The suite is fully optimized, rigorously tested and certified for the widest range of hardware, operating systems and software applications.

VMware Solutions

iSAP believe that Virtualization is most strategic Data center initiative that any organizations will undertake on their journey to Cloud environment.

With VMware and iSAP, we integrate, expand, or migrate your workloads onto high-performance, on demand Vmware environment. Easily extend your VMware footprint around the world on-demand and control it all with the same VMware management control panel.

We help organizations on their journey through some form of virtualization, typically as part of a server consolidation project. Knowing how to build on these existing investments and aligning IT and business strategy more closely can be a stumbling block to realizing the full potential of the technologies.

Our Virtualization offering include:

» Consult, Design, Build, Operate and Maintain Virtualization platform

» Skills to cope with technologies

» Evaluation of technologies, finding the right mix

» Integrate hardware, virtualization technologies, middleware, applications

» Adjustment of functions for customer needs

» Operate and maintain overall solution

» Server Virtualization

» Desktop Virtualization

» Business Continuity

» Management Automation

» Management Operations

» Virtualization of Critical Applications

iSAP strength - end-to-end management of virtualized environments

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