iSAP partners with major Storage vendors to deliver the need for stroage & exponential growth of data. There are several challenges due to the exponential storage growth, iSAP will address challenges that SMB and enterprise customers are facing in exponential growth of data.

Scalability of the existing storage

» Can current infrastructure able to incorporate new storage capacity or devices with least disruption and cost?

Reliability and Availability

» Data protection and availability need to meet company business' goals

» The more the data, the higher the requirement and cost for reliability and availability

» Exponential growth in data but shrinking back-up windows and data recovery time.

With NAS/SAN storage products provide flexible, scalable and integrated SMB, Mid and enterprise SAN solutions with multi-protocol local, campus, metropolitan and global storage networking capabilities.

iSAP strategic Partnership with Global Storage vendors will reshape your IT requirements. The combined portfolio represents the most comprehensive offering of block, file-level and unified storage to serve all infrastructure models.

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